Old buildings Oecussi

oecussi_262.jpgOecussi East Timor

This Catholic church is still in good condition. Many of the buildings in Oecussi were destroyed in 1999 but there are a few interesting remnants left standing that still give the place a Portuguese feel.

This one was an official Oekusse – Ambeno government office.

oecussi_168.jpgRows of Indonesian buildings that have been burnt down line some of the streets.

I have heard that Oecussi was one on the parts of East Timor that got the most serious thrashing when the Indonesians left in ’99 but it seems to me that the damage was spread throughout the entire country pretty evenly.

Everywhere you go in East Timor you will see destroyed buildings. It is almost erie.

oecussi_330.jpgMost of the damaged buildings have not been repaired because there is a question of who actually owns them and no one wants to invest money fixing them up when there is a good chance they will not get clear title to the property.

Perhaps the government should step up to the plate and get things moving. It’s depressing having all these thousands of destroyed buildings everywhere you look.

dp-logoOecussi – East Timor

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  1. Dear all;

    I once also visited the Oecusse Ambeno area.I found the local pasar the most fascinating one I have ever visited.
    The local raja is Liurai Antonio da Costa.He lives near the ferry to E-Timor.Before there were 2 co-dynasties:the de Hornay and the da Costa.De Hornay is descended from the Dutch colonila official Jan de Hornay from Amsterdam,who later worked together with Portugal and fled more or less to Larantuka and later to O.A.The da Costa became later.They intermarried,so the present raja also has Dutch blood in his veins.

    Nowadays not so difficult to enter O.A.Just prepare your trip good.

    Salam hormat:

    DP Tick

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