Catbalogan Samar

sua_077.jpgSamar – Catbalogan

Catbalogan is the departure port for the boats leaving to Daram, an island about 4 hours from town on the slow boat.

sua_041.jpgThere is very little tourist infrastructure but all north or south bound buses will stop there to pick up passengers.

Catbalogan is an orderly little town where pedi cabs take you around town for 3 pesos.

There are a half a dozen or so hotels and quite a few restaurants and bakeries.

Western Union Catbalogan

Western Union

Catbalogan fish market – youtube video of the local fish market

Charitos RestaurantCharitos Restaurant in downtown Catbalogan.

buying shoes – this video of the shoe store is kind of interesting

sua_109.jpgCatbalogan is not ever going to be a tourist destination but it gives a view of what this part of the Philippines is all about. It is a friendly enough little college town.

Foreigners will get the “Hey Joe!” when walking around. It’s kind of like the “Hello Mister” you get in some parts of Indonesia.

The boat to Sua goes every day but Saturday.

sua_043.jpgTraveling on these large outrigger boats is a neat experience because you stop at every small village along the way picking up or dropping off supplies.

There is no express boat so if you travel in these islands you just have to go with the flow because you will get there when you get there.

Honda Sales and Service

Honda of Catbalogan

Fuel and supplies are delivered and fresh fish is picked up to be brought to Catbalogan to be sold in the markets.

catbalogan tricycles

Csua_055.jpgatbaloban is the commercial hub of the region so it is a good idea to load up on supplies if you plan leave town to the provinces.

Coconuts and produce are readily available in the provinces but manufactured goods are scarce. The Philippines is not a real cheap place to travel in my opinion.

Catbalogan street

sua_085.jpgFood and transport are reasonable but lodging in general is not a good value.

I like to travel on backpacker budget and the Philippines just does not compare to places like Indonesia or Thailand for value.

The food is not usually praised very highly but I enjoy the food in the province. Samar rice and camote with some local prawns really can’t be beat.

lucky 99Lucky 99 department store.

Petron and JolibeePetron and Jolibee – both recent developments in Catbalogan.

Catbalogan tricycles by JolibeesTricycles and the Jolibee!

tricycle driver by fruit standFruit stand and tricycle driver.

catbalogan-001.jpgCatbalogan seen from the videoke place on the hill.

2008 update – Catbalogan

catbalogan-pi-001.jpgThis boat is down at Pier Uno by the fish market. The pump boats to the neighboring islands leave from here.

catbalogan-pi-002.jpgThis boat leaves around 10am everyday to Zumarraga, a neighboring island. It returns early the next morning.

catbalogan-pi-004.jpgThis is another local ferry. Any island with fresh water will be inhabited.

catbalogan-pi-003.jpgCargo ships leave from the main pier. Roble Shipping has a good, once a week, connection to Cebu City. It leaves Friday night at 8pm and the passenger fare is 650 pesos.

The Philippine Navy has a cruiser based here too.

Roble Shipping ferry Catbalogan to Cebu City – youtube video

catbalogan-pi-008.jpgThe main street in Catbalogan is getting rebuilt.

That BDO has an ATM machine that is online from time to time but don’t let your cash get too low because it often is down.

Western Union has a few outlets in town.

Changing dollars can be difficult when there are big currency exchange fluctuations.

Petron Station Catbalogan

The Chinese lady at the Caltex is usually willing to change dollars. (note – the Caltex has since been torn down and a new Petron has taken it’s place.) The original photos were taken in 2007 but I went around town today – November 2010  and put up some current pics.

In emergencies there are many banks in Tacloban – a 2 hour mini bus trip.

catbalogan lansones

Catbalogan Samar

Feb 6, 2007

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  1. I was wondering if you have higher resolution versions of any of the photos here. I visited my girlfriend’s family in Catbalogan and Rizal Island in June 2009, but I was not able to take any photos because I lost my camera during the trip. Could you e-mail me if you have any good pictures of Catbalogan’s streets, the piers, fishing or ferry boats, etc.? Thanks!

  2. Thanks! I already downloaded that video! Great clip! :)

  3. yup,that’s my hometown in capsule.
    enjoyed your description of the town esp the caricature.
    I might be able to visit zumarraga following a medical mission in jan next year. keep up the good work Pictures were nice too.

  4. Anyone looking for photos from Philippines should Google up batch
    The lady has a collection of some 9000 photos from her Philippines travels.
    I have been to Catbalogan many times and am very intrested in the history of the city.I have been informed that the walls of the provincial Gaol are part of the original Jesuit fort..Anyone know anything about this? or the location of the old Spanish watchtower to the west of Catbalogan.
    The Gaol is situated to the rear of the church and St Marys.

  5. 3 pesos for pedicabs? more like 10 pesos now!

    youtube about the Catbalogan fish market


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