Samar River Crossings

Northern Samar – Eastern Samar

House on riverbank

Beautiful setting with house on the riverbank near Gamay Samar

Small homestead on the riverbank near the seaport town of Gamay, Samar. There had been 5 days of rain bought on by a tropical depression so I was just waiting out the weather for a few days on the edge of the Pacific Ocean here in Eastern Samar.

River crossing near Rawis Samar

Crossing the bay in Rawis Samar

This is the crossing near Rawis where the interesting part of the trip begins. I had been waiting for 3 days in Allen Samar for a break in the weather and started out as soon as the sun came out. My original plan was to head up to Donsol near Legaspi, Luzon to do some swimming with the whale sharks there but heavy rains cloud the water too much so I postponed that plan and impulsively headed east instead.

Rawis to Laong ferry crossing - dutchpickle

Rawis to Loang ferry crossing

These boats ferry passengers and motorbikes across the waters over to the town of Laoang – the cost is around 100 peso. Someone will sit on the bike on the way over for stability. The system seems efficient – two guys will lift the bike on and off the boat.

motorcycle transport across the river

At the dock in Laoang

Muddy roads ahead.

Road from Gamay to Arteche

Road from Gamay to Arteche in the wet season

Way down the road south of Gamay on the way to Arteche, Eastern Samar.

small waterfalls

Small waterfall near Gamay

The new gecko that now lives on the balcony.

a new gecko moved in

new gecko in the neighborhood but old faithful is still the dp logo

dp-logoIn all – this trip around the perimeter of Samar took me 7 days

Most of the roads in Samar have been improved upon the past few years but the bit between north and eastern Samar is going to take a bit more work the next few years.

DSCN0646I kind of like getting off the main highway when ever possible.      dp

Feb 25, 2013

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  1. PD,
    Good to see your back in business again mate…I’m off over to Laos this coming July/August to check out the “Plain of Jars”

  2. Hello Mr. DP: My BF and I plan a motorcycle trip to circumnavigate Samar starting in November this year. We are trying to determine the condition of the roads. On our maps the highway goes from wide red line to black, to yellow and on the East side turns to a black dotted line. Is our plan feasible? Two people, with luggage, all the way around? Love your page………….. thanks……………..becky

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