Kodiak Alaska

Kodiak Alaska pics from the early 1980’s

Larsen Bay KodiakLarsen Bay pier

the crip at the dock in KodiakThe crip at the dock in Kodiak. Near Island is behind him across the channel – now there is a bridge connecting the two.

docked at cannery rowFishing boats at the docks on cannery row.

Kodiak harbourKodiak harbor around 1982. The houses were all painted with bright colors -looked cool ! Unfortunately I lost all my Alaska pictures from the 1970’s and 80’s but had scanned these a few years ago so decided to publish them. I miss the north country a lot !boats at the docks in Kodiak

Boats bunched up at the dock in Kodiak town.

Chiniak Baydp getting his feet wet.

Old Harbor KodiakOld Harbor Alaska

Old HarborOld Harbor Kodiak

Dave with starfishDave with starfish and dungeness crab pots. These crabs are fished for in the summer while the Opilio Tanner and King crab are fished for in the winter months – the seasons vary depending on fish and game regulations.

halibut caught on the dockHalibut caught on the dock in Kodiak. Fish weighing several hundred pounds have been caught in the channel that runs between Near Island and Kodiak.

Mrs LarsenMrs Larsen witnessed the Katmai eruption of 1912 from Kodiak. That eruption was one of the largest volcanic eruptions in the 20th century. My friend Ed and I stayed at her place whilst we were completing a construction project. She was a fiery woman and was living on her own out there in this remote place. Larsen Bay is named after one of her ancestors – an early explorer in this area.

Joe and Davedungeness crab – Joe and Dave

eel and fisheel and fish mix

catching a fishCatching a fish




fishHalibut caught in the Shelikof Straits



Larsen Bay Kodiak on the west side of the island.

Kodiak Alaska waterfront

kodiak canneryCannery at the docks in Kodiak

Ugak Bay KodiakUgak Bay Kodiak

dutchpickle logo…miss the ocean ….the albatross…the whales….the eagles…the mountains and the puffins

…and the freedom to just go

Kodiak Alaska docksCrab boats at the docks in Kodiak.

view out front doorView out front door of the 400 dollar (total cost) cabin on the cliff

with the dog named KatoWith Kato the dog.

hippy daysdutchpickle AlaskaHippie days

on the boat

Kodiak JodyNice fish !

Kodiak King SalmonKing salmon

salmon boatSalmon boat

plane on floatsAirplane on floats.


kodiak21Light snow

kodiak220Clear skies !

Alaska - Kodiak cityKodiak from the air

view of Kodiak from the airView of Kodiak from the air

kodiak - alaskaDavey in Ugak Bay

Kodiak watersKodiak waters.


Kodiak cannery row

Mikes WillysDocks on the waterfront

Alaska Jeep


dutchpickle AlaskaAlaska !




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  1. Hey dp. another great feature mate. And love the pics. My hair is growing pretty well now . we would look great walking around Ormoc like a couple of hippies heheheh. i am copying the one of u with the beer n the book and sticking it on the ref for u to see when u get ur butt over here mate. its pretty lonely here mate eheheheheheh. lets go get a beer n pizza . chat soon.

  2. These Alaska pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to live in Alaska. You look like quite the adventurer! I think you should write a book about the adventures of your life. I would love to read it. Keep the pictures coming. I LOVE them.

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