Rattlesnake and Bison

grasslands bisonRattlesnake and Bison in Painted Canyon North Dakota

I was trying t get a better picture of this bison or buffalo yesterday morning and heard a rattling sound in the tall grass.

There was a rattlesnake curled up in the grass trying to soak up some sun and I was disturbing his peace.

rattlesnake in the grasslandsI decided to watch my step a bit closer in the future. The snake seemed to be at peace and didn’t move so I took a few pictures. (from a distance with 200 mm telephoto)

buffalo in the grasslandsBison in the grasslands near the Painted Canyon in North Dakota.

snake in defensive positionThe rattler was starting to get aggravated.

buffalo grazingThe buffalo didn’t seem to mind the company and grazed for a half hour or so.

rattlesnake in grassI decided to leave these animals alone to enjoy their breakfast in peace.

Just a word of caution about walking through tall grass and near rock piles – Be aware of where you put your hands and feet.

These rattlers do not seem to be aggressive but they certainly would try to bite you if it felt threatened or were stepped on by accident !

rattlesnake in grass

Well camouflaged in the grass – often difficult to spot when they are motionless. This one did give a warning signal. It would be very easy to step right near or on one if not paying attention ! The bites are rarely fatal but rather painful – the Wikipedia page says 7-8,000 people are bitten in the US every year and of those bites around 5 are fatal . The page indicates that it is best to get anti-venom as quickly as possible (suggestion within an hour or two). It is also estimated that no venom was delivered in about 20 percent of the rattlesnake bites (one of five).

Painted Canyon buffaloNorth Dakota buffalo


dakota buffalo at sunsetMy favorite buffalo picture taken at sunset!

dutchpickke logoPictures of bison and rattlesnakes with the help of a telephoto lens


Jul 16, 2012 www.dutchpickle.com

6 responses to “Rattlesnake and Bison”

  1. DP,

    Man you come up with some unreal stories mate…this is one of your best ever yet…keep it up…but i did hear on TV one time that Rattle Snakes do kill a lot of people in the USA each year…so don’t get to close to them ok!


  2. DP come to new Zealand.. .. no snakes here mate!

  3. Giday DP
    The water truck is operational after all the dramas one expects.

    I removed the engine from the bike last June and shipped it back here to Christchurch New Zealand. Stripped it – full of silt. In the process of rebuilding it. Take a look here:


    Scroll down to DROWNED 1 & 2

  4. Wow

    big job – hope you get the bike back on the road again in the Philippines – that water really came up down there by the river

    Dumaguete the days of the Sendong storm was on high ground luckily !

    best wishes to you and Bruce for your next trip !


  5. Thanks DP.

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