Sugar Cane Trucks of Leyte

sugar-cane-leyte-001Sugar Cane Trucks of Leyte – Philippines

It’s cane cutting season in Leyte right now. These pictures were taken yesterday at one of the transfer stations alongside the road near Ormoc.

ormoc-sugar-cane-003Sugar cane harvesting in Leyte.

ormoc-sugar-cane-001Sugar cane

ormoc-sugar-cane-004Rene Tan is the owner of this place – kind of a cool guy that lived in California for a number of years.

ormoc-sugar-cane-011Mr Tan verifies that most of these rigs were left over from WW2.

sugar-cane-leyte-010sugar-cane-leyte-013Cane trucks

sugar-cane-leyte-005These jalopies are used in the fields to get the cane to the road and then the load is transferred with slings to the more road worthy trucks which haul the raw cane to the refinery.

ormoc-sugar-cane-009ormoc-sugar-cane-007Cane trucks in Leyte. There was a lot of action in Leyte in WW2 and the Americans must have left behind a bunch of equipment when they left.

sugar-cane-leyte-006sugar-cane-leyte-011Sugar cane


sugar-cane-leyte-004sugar-cane-leyte-015Sugar cane

sugar-cane-leyte-016sugar-cane-leyte-017Loading cane

sugar-cane-leyte-019Next stop – the sugar cane refinery!

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Jan 21, 2010

10 responses to “Sugar Cane Trucks of Leyte”

  1. Hi dp, maybe we should take a ride down to the refinery and ask em if we can have a guided tour. Nice

  2. Great spotting DP. Where exactly are the sugar canefields in Ormoc. How big are they compared to the Negros fields? Hope you guys (DP and Dave) can give me some updates on Ormoc in the future. Planning to visit some time this year. What else beside geothermic engergyplants, fertilizer industry, sugercane and eggs farms are there in and around Ormoc industrywise?
    Happy time overthere.

  3. Thanks Dp for the update. I will ask Dave when my plans are final for visiting. Is it still raining so heavily in Leyte? Remember in november 2009 it rained whole nights and also during daytime (near Agas Agas bridge where I stayed).
    Are there any big farms in Leyte (Ormoc)? Did you find the chicken egg farm? Are there animal livestock markets in Ormoc or Leyte? How much would a carabao, horse, goat and a pig cost?

  4. Hi Dp,
    Thanks for the update. I really appreciate it.
    Is Nueva Vista near Ormoc (google maps give this)?

    Many thanks for the youtube link. It give me some clues.

    Karabow cloning:

    Livestock auction market in Batangas:

    Do you know of any animal market going from Cebucity to south on Cebu island?

  5. Hello Dp,

    Very nice pictures of the old US Army trucks, I imagine a lot of the US surplus equipment left over from World War II is scarce now. Another left over from World War II is of course…the creation of the “Jeepney”.
    There was a lot of action/combat in Leyte during World War II. An estimated 100,000 + Japanese soldiers were killed while the US Army and Filipino resistance took back Leyte from the Japanese.
    A lot of history there in Leyte, I can’t wait to learn more about it.
    My father had two cousins that died after Bataan and Corregidor fell to the Japanese forces.
    I will be in Maasin City for a couple of months soon. Your blog of your adventures around Leyte are very interesting and informative…salamat kaayo!
    Danny :)

  6. Hi DP,

    I have found your site by accident and I can see that you are more local than some of us who are born and bred in Leyte. It is very informative with a lot of local content which makes me feel homesick.



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