Palawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center

white bellied sea eaglePalawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center – located about 20 minutes from downtown Puerto Princesa – entry fee 40 pesos – closed for lunch

White-bellied sea eagle – this one has a damaged wing

This conservation center is also called the Irawan Crocodile farm.

baby crocodilesYoung crocs are raised to adulthood here – they did not make it clear what they actually do with the adult crocs but the main idea is to keep this sub species from going extinct.

crocodile skeletonCrocodile skeleton

Palawan crocodile rearing penThe Palawan Crocodiles are the big draw but there are some other beautiful animals here too.

palawan crocodileCrocodile

information centerThere is a brief introduction at the beginning of the tour but you are pretty much free to roam the grounds at will after you are accompanied through the crocodile rearing pens. The story about this 17′ crocodile seems to be different every time you come here so the real story is a mystery.

crocodile hatcheryCrocodile growing pens. The guide did not mention where the hatchery is located but these fiberglass tubs have crocs anywhere from 18 inches up to 3 feet in length.

2 Kalinga women visit the crocodile farmThese two Kalinga women came to visit the crocodile farm. The beads caught my eye straight away and I had to ask if I could take their picture. It was fascinating to me that people from the highlands of the mountain province in Luzon would have an interest in visiting Palawan and seeing the crocodiles. Their daughter arranged the trip and here they were – very very cool to me!

outdoor pools for crocodilesThe adult crocodiles are transferred to the concrete pools in the pens outside. Feeding the croc in the above pic.

Philippine hornbillsPhilippine Hornbills

woman from Tinglayan at the crocodile farmWoman from Tinglayan at the crocodile farm

Philippine Bearcat - BinturongPalawan Bearcat – Binturong

crocodile feedingCrocodile feeding

feeding the crocodilesLunch time for the crocodiles.

maynah birdsMaynah birds

outside pens for the crocodilesCrocs soaking up the sun.

palawan bearded pigThe Palawan bearded pig is one of my favorites. This animal is quite rare but also found in Borneo.

crocodileFat boy.

MG giving ice cream cone to pigTourist feeding pig the last bit of an ice cream cone.

serpent eaglePhilippine Eagle – this might actually be a serpent eagle with the wrong name on the information placard.

palawan binturongThese bearcats spend most of their time up in trees off the ground.


palawan bearcatBearcat

palawan crocodile in waterPalawan crocodile sneaking up.

palawan conservation centerPalawan Wildlife Rescue and Conservation Center


Nov 27, 2010

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  1. Hey Rico, I suddenly realized your photos are getting much much better! Really. Your horizons are straight, you’re actually taking time to compose these images it seems!! Keep up the fine work

  2. hi dp, looks like your having fun on this trip. luckie guy. ok, im going to ask the questions about the camera everybody wants to know. what model, how much and are you happy with your purchase. we already know it takes good pictures. ake it teasy ill lea you slater william of maslug

  3. Hello DP

    How I wish someday I can visit PALAWAN:-)

    I really like your site.


  4. hi…
    how to get there without getting a tour or van rentals?

  5. The best and cheapest way to get to the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park at Irawan is to get on a jeepney out the front of Jollibee’s on Rizal Avenue with City to Iwahig writen along the side of it…The cost of a one way trip out to the Crocodile Farm and Nature Park at Irawan is about 20 pasos its located about 12 km’s going south out of the city center.


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