Tarangban Falls

samar-waterfalls-008Tarangban Falls is a paradise in pristine western Samar in the Philippines. This uncrowded paradise is 4 kilometers from the highway and well worth the detour.

falls-samar-waterfalls-001Tarangban Falls Samar Philippines

samar-waterfalls-011.jpgRefreshing water…

falls-samar-waterfalls-005Tarangban Falls Samar

samar-waterfalls-001.jpgSamar is very untouristed and has endless waterfalls and forests and is full of natural beauty. It has not yet been spoiled by resorts cluttering up the landscape.

samar-waterfalls-014.jpgIt’s almost therapeutic when that water comes pounding down on your back.

samar-waterfalls-002.jpgThe Philippines is such a beautiful place!

falls-samar-waterfalls-014These falls are on the same river but about a kilometer distant.

Tarangban Falls

Aug 19, 2008 www.dutchpickle.com

3 responses to “Tarangban Falls”

  1. Great pics DP, we missed these falls, where exactly are they please. Also do you know the name of the boat RORO from Cebu to Catbalogan as I plan to come down this month to do a little caving with Joni.

    Would like to include the falls if not to far away.

    Hope i shall be up to it as planning for the Mount Canlaon climb next Thursday which will take a few days. Want to continue down solo to Mumbucal but recent info indicates a NPA presence which is supposedly unfriendly to long noses, must check this out.

  2. After seeing the picture of Tarangban Falls, i’m considering Samar to be included in my list of “must see” in the Visayas. Samar didn’t ring a bell on my ears but the pic of the falls did not just ring but the whole belfry shook heavily.


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