Rural Transit Bus Lines

img_2114Rural Transit Bus

Rural Transit is the main bus line that runs down the west side of Mindanao.

According to the road signs it is 313 kilometers from Dipolog to Zamboanga. Economy fare is 366 pesos and the bus stops continuously along the way taking 8 to 9 hours to get there.

The road is paved and in good condition so it is not a bone jarring adventure. If you take the air con the cost is 400 pesos and they do not make nearly as many stops.

img_2111.jpgIt seems like the air con bus pulls over whenever the driver feels like it and then passes up people waiting for the bus when he is not in the mood to stop.

If you choose to make the trip in 2 stages you can stop in Ipil about 4-5 hours from from Dapitan/Dipolog. The remaining 3 hours to Zamboanga runs 168 pesos.

In Zamboanga the Rural Transit terminal is in Guiwan, an 8-10 peso trip on a jeepney or 20 to 40 pesos on a tricycle to the downtown area.

Traveling this road is fairly safe. Mindanao is not on the main tourist trail but it really is a beautiful place and well worth a visit.

Rural Transit Bus Lines

Jan 8, 2008

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  1. magkano pag pa Cagayan ang trip? tpos parang pakyaw xa kasi gmitin man pra sa field trip.

  2. what if during our journey with your bus from dvo to cdo, f
    a flat tire happens and unfortunately we dont get to board the cdo-cebu ship which is only our main purpose of going to you cover the accommodation of your passenger who is forced to stay in cdo for a day and wait for the next trip to cebu just because of the mechanical problem your bus has encountered.supposedly the bus has to arrive between 5-6pm in cdo cause it left dvo 9am. but wasn’t able to catch the cebu trip because of your bus problem.

  3. HI
    i am from zamboanga and i use the rural transit all the time..

    there routes:
    and when you reach cagayan/pagadian they also have routes to cotabato, lanao, davao, gen san..ect

    -im half american/filipino and yes mindanao is not a dangerous place like what others may reffer about it…

    ~im a private tour guide..

    _if anyone is interested in hiring me as your guid just leave me an email at

    ps, i also know some of the best most beautiful beaches in mindanao…

  4. hello,

    do you know the time of departure? can you tell me what are the scheduled trips of their aircon buses from cdo-zamboanga in the morning?

  5. hello!

    good day!

    is their a bus from cagayan de oro going to midsayap? what time is the departure? and how much it cost?

    i’m planning to go there this friday 17 july ’09..


  6. i would like to ask for the schedule of trips from dipolog city to cagayan de oro city (non-aircon). tnx

  7. hello my name is analisa and i want know if it is safer to travel in bus going pagadian city

  8. ano po ba ang technical aspect nyo sa bus..gawa kc kmi ng feasibility study….lahat po ba ng equipment sa bus nyo kasali lahat..

  9. ano po ba sked pa cdo-davao?pa ra atleast ma manage ko yung time ko well. thanks…magkano din po ang fare…thanks

  10. Hello

    Good day to the management of Rural Transit. I would to inquire magkano po ang fare ng AIRCONDITION BUS from DAVAO CITY TO CAGAYAN and magkano din ang delux non aircon? Please email me po as soon as possible. Thank you so much and God bless.

  11. RTMI is the largest bus company in Cagayan de Oro City. They have some nice vehicles and sometimes offer low fare BUT many of the drivers and staff are UNPROFESSIONAL. They are not open for feedback and comments too. People who answer the phone will just play around and give you so many numbers to call when you tell them you have a feedback for them but none of those numbers they give will receive feedback. I wish RTMI management will be open for feedback someday. They should realize that they exist for people. This is about public service and not just profit.

  12. hello there… m from manila n planning to visit my friend in zambo. we are also planning to go to cdo.. so m asking how much is the fare for zmbo-cdo via bus? and do u hve any suggestions wer to stay for the night in cdo? backpackers only and with reasonable price. thanks a lot ur answer will be much appreciated..

  13. Hello, I would like to find out if you have a bus that leaves around 1 or 2pm in the afternoon from Cagayan de Oro to Dipolog. Thanks


  14. sir inquire lang po ano yung first trip nyo na aircon bus from davao city to cagayan de oro city

  15. magkano fare cdo-zamboanga city aircon?

  16. hi charisma, same concern tayo sa fare…hindi ko rin alam..i guess around 800 ata aircon..cdo-zambo, i will ask my cousin pa bout the exact amount talaga..with regards to cdo, if cheap pension houses, try mo sa executive pension house. 580 a night good for two..okay nman yung place..i stayed there. but madalas fully book kasi cheap..

  17. cdo-davao aircon 480..if meron pa yung non stop 600

  18. Hi, I want to rent a bus for about 1 day, can u give me pls. a contact number or email ad n Rural Transit? Thanks a lot

  19. how much is the AIRCON bus fare from cagayan de oro city to balingoan?

  20. cdo to balingoan aircon bus cost mga 130 ata..kasi cdo-medina aircon bus is 139, 165 if kinglong…

  21. may i have a schedule of the bus leaving from zamboanga to cagayan de oro. tnx -mark

  22. I would like to ask if can we see some of your employees that working in rt. Or do you have any website that can be seen them all.

    thank you.


  23. im from Cebu… planning to Visit Davao this April 2010 Hopefully and then side trip to CDO and Camiguin..

    i would just like to ask how much fare for our DAVAO-CDO and how long will the trip will take us? kasi po we will be having 3 days lng to spend our vacation tapos uwi na kami sa Cebu via CDO na di na kami balik sa Davao… Thanks a lot!

  24. good morning…

    I’am Dave from Davao City. i would like to ask about the fare from DAVAO CITY to MARAMAG BUKIDNON?
    Thank you so much for your kind.

    God bless you.

  25. hi,

    im interested to know how much is the fare if i travel from cagayan de oro to calamba misamis occ.? How about cdo to ozamis and cdo to pagadian city?

    i would appreciate a quick response regarding this query.

    have a nice day!

  26. Hi! is there any reservation system for RTMI? I mean reserving buses for fieldtrip and etc.

  27. cagayan de oro to calamba..mga 300 fare…

  28. Please help me to have route from cagayan de oro city to Dapitan. And please give me a bus fare for air condition bus. I need it very badly for i am going on Dapitan City by sunday….

  29. magkano po bus fare zamboanga city to dipolog and then dipolog to dapitan?

  30. ask ko lang if mag kano ba ang transportation rate nyo from Davao to bukidnon,Cagayan and zamboanga?

  31. Davao to Cagayan de Oro costs 480, there are discounts for students, too. my Wife just left for Cagayan de Oro last June 15, and She said She paid 480 pesos. But what I do wanna know is.. is there still a Non-stop bus from Davao to Cagayan? ( If anyone out there knows )

  32. hi,

    i would like to know the contact number of rural transit in davao city. can you give the telephone number?

    thank you and god bless,


  33. inquire kami how much ang fare tacurong-cagayan de oro, educational tour of 100 students on sept 24,25 & 26, 2010.

  34. bakit wala kayong ccontact number, mag inquire sana ako fare tacurong going to cagayan de oro for my student educational tour..

  35. alam mo po ba contact number ng rural transit sa davao?

    our class is planning a field trip in cagayan de oro city and we need to know how much will be the fare papunta doon!
    our plan is parang mag rerent kami ng bus!

    thank you…

  36. thanks mark lacsam for the fare info from davao-cdo…that’s quite a help to plan, i need to know what time does the bus leaves dvo terminal that we would be able to arrive cdo 6 am..

  37. mga conductor sa tacurong to kabacan mga korakot sabotaheeeee pati inspctor ang ginahatag na ticket sa mga students 8 lng maroa kaayo

  38. Good afternoon!!!…

    I had a problem i left my bag on one of your bus when i took a ride on saturday morning this week it was happen when we arrived at the ozamis port going to mukas the driver told us to buy a ticket so i left my things and buy a ticket for the barge then after that i huridly get inside the barge i thought that the bus that we ride on was on the barge i only wonder that the bus was still on the port wating for his turn to get on the barge so i wait for the bus to mukas port hoping that i could get my bag but i could not make it i did not saw the bus i did not remember the bus number and the bus ticket was on my bag so i ride again and went to CDO hoping that i could saw that bus and get my bag back but i did not saw the bus again but if i could see the driver and the conduktor maybe i could get back my bag..i only remembered the bus driver and i only remember the face….Sir/Madam do you had a record for the bus who got their first trip from plaridel? or if their is a bag that surendered to your please notify to this email.add ———…hoping for your immediate action because all the important requirements needed for my passport was inside my bag…the color of my bag was all blue,the design was sling bag and the was POLO SPORT…i was hope and pray that my bag will be back…THANK YOU SO MUCH…

  39. Our rural transit is near from terminal.. I will ask how much and i will post soon..

  40. hello.. gud afternun i would like to ask for a contact number of Rural Bus Transit..

  41. how is it true na wala ng byahe sa gabi, paki confirm lang? Bakit pinapatay yong mga driver at conductor sa rural transit bus?

  42. hi, imfrom cdo.. i want to go 2 zamboanga. safe paba ang daan khit na gabi? pinigilan ako ni mama pumnta dun kc d daw safe ang byahe?

  43. pwede po ba malaman yung rules and regulatios nyo??? kc eto po yung report ko sa klase tpos nahihirapan po ako..salamat

  44. Hi,

    My family and I are planning to go to Camiguin for the Lanzones festival this October. I’m coming from Cebu and my siblings will be traveling from Zamboanga to CDO. We will all be meeting up there then travel to Camiguin. Do you happen to know how long the travel will take from ZAM to CDO (Aircon bus)? I need a rough estimate so i can plan things out and synchronize our trips.



  45. ask ko lang po if ano yung span nang time sa rtmi bus agora base terminal.. kasi po minsan after

    1 hour pa or 30 minutes pa ang departure nang bus after another.. At saka po, kailangan po ba talagang magbigay ng pera yong conductor sa dispatcher nang bus??

    Kasi po, hindi po pinapatakbo nung dispatcher yong bus kapag walang perang binigay yong conductor..
    Nanotice ko lang po!!!!

  46. @aghrajes….i think the time where the interval for the departure for bus is every 1 hour or more is during nyt time……
    hindi po dispatcher yan…..naghuhulog sila ng parang deposit….yun yung binabayaran nila bago sila pinapaalis

  47. how much is the fare ticket from zamboanga city to cagayan and zamboanga to davao city???

  48. hi,

    can i ask the schedule of night trip bus of rural transit..and the fare also from cagayn de oro city to davao…thanks…


  49. Hi. I would like to suggest that you can post the numbers of the bus lines for faster transactions. The agora terminal number doesn’t answer.

  50. ano schedule davao to cagayan de oro aircon bus ?

  51. what time po ang last trip from cagayan to pagadian? may bus po ba papuntang pagadian kapag 8 pm?

  52. i may suggest for the safety of our beloved passengers in Rural transit Bus lines, pwede po naman samahan ng isang SWAT individuals at K-9 ang isang bumabiyaheng Bus natin dito sa Davao city , para maging alerto tayo sa ano mang Aksidenting parati nalang po nangyayari sa Loob ng pampasaherong Bus, para naman maiwasan ang pamomomba at maiwasan ang pagpapasakay ng mga taong di kanais nais ang intensyon sa loob ng isang Bus,at dagdag siguridad na rin sa pamayanan natin dito sa Davao para naman maiwasan and pagbuwis ng buhay at napakaimportante po ng buhay ng isang kapwa tao natin.

  53. I would like to know if when will rural transit will hire conductors and drivers? I would like to apply for any vacancy.(I also would like to know how and where to apply. thanks in advance.

  54. meron bang byahi sa dec. 24, 2010 cagayan to davao?

  55. How much the fee if the route is Ozamiz to Pagadian of aircon and non-aircon Rural bus?

  56. Can you help me find the contact number for Pagadian office of Rural transit? or better an e-mail

  57. _gud afternoon po,ask aq qng my byahe ba ang rural arcon for cgayan trip frm, dis coming jan 21 s hapon?or wat ang schedule nla s byahe…:-)thnkz!..

  58. Bakit hindi nagbibibay ng ticket and ibang conductors ng bus? Pero naniningil ng pamasahe…ang kapal ng mukha!!!!

  59. would like to ask if have trip from zamboanga to ozamis straight on jan 21,2011,in the afternoon?

  60. i would like to ask wat time is the last trip from Zamboanga City to Dipolog City. and how much is the fare rate.

    pls reply asap. tnx

  61. Can I ask how much is the fare from cagayan to davao (Aircon/deluxe). what is the estimated time of travel from cagayan to davao.

  62. ano va requirments pg mg aply ng conduktor sa rtmi? mgkano ba cashbond nyo? kc dati nmrn rin ako bus conduktor ng super 5 at pesioa bus line ng cebu.

  63. how long would an express trip from zamboanga to dapitan and/or vice versa would take? i’m attending the palarong pambansa on May but made a mistake of booking zamboanga instead of dipolog where the palaro will be held.

  64. I really appreciate dutchpickle for having this space to people in order to leave a comment. I knew for a fact that this is not so easy. However, you could be of help to other people especially the first timer traveler. I have been reading the comments from the very start hoping it could be helpful to me. To my dismay I have noticed that the comments were as of year 2009,2010, so probably there could be a great change in terms of fare as of today. Many people asked about schedules, fares etc and they got nothing. It would be better since you knew that most asked here were fare and schedules at least you have provided reliable information directly from Rural Transit Bus Line. I have read also that the office of this bus line doesn’t reply phone calls so again it’s useless to be posting their phone numbers.

    I am in a group tour to Davao City. My friend and I planned to go to CDO after our trip in Davao. I don’t know where is the terminal of Rural Transit in Davao, but it does not matter, what we are after is the fare from Davao to CDO so that we will know how much to prepare. Please post their schedule and their fare if it is possible for you.

    What I need is the fare from Davao to CDO and a schedule of day trip.

    Thank you so much…

  65. Hi.
    ask lang aq if magkno fare patungong cagayan to iligan?tapus iligan to ozamis city?sa rural transit po na bus, d po kc makontct ung office nila.

  66. magkano ang fare ngayon davao-cagayan. please to me asap you can reach me thru my mobile # 09282339805. i am waiting now

  67. hi,

    is Rural Transit Bus Lines same with Rural Transit Mindanao Inc? i found their Facebook page (RTMI) and asked for the fare from Zamboanga to Dipolog. i was surprised about the response saying that they don’t that route so i’m quite confused.


  68. Good Day!
    Mag inquire ako makano pakyaw sa bus ng Rural Transit Air Con pick up Kidapawan to CDO on May 16,2011?

  69. Sir,
    dito ako davao city anu telephone no. ng booking office sa Rural Transit Bus Line?

  70. hi im from gensan. i would to inquire if this info is correct. depart davao to cagayan de oro then to dipolog terminal.
    are there any other route?
    can you suggest me a correct route from gensan or tacurong all the way to dipolog coz i will be attending the palarong pambansa this may. thanks and hope you can respond as early

  71. im planning 2 take a trip from zamboanga city to cdo.and from there to butuan city…can u plz tell me the “smart mobile ” # of rural transit bus so i can just call them for the said schedules and fare fees….thank you….

  72. hi po! magkano po kaya pamasahe na ngayon from cagayan de oro city to dapitan? aircon at ordinary kasi may plano po kasi akong umattend ng convention sa dapitan this june

  73. Is it true that Rural Bus does not run from Zambo to CDO by night time nowadays? Thanks for reply…

  74. hii… i just want to ask you..what are the daily schedule of bus from davao to cagayan?…the exact time please!!

  75. hello..

    gudmorning..ask ko lang magkano fare from cagayan to tacurong..??

  76. hi, i would like to know if how much would be the rent of a 1 rural transit bus (aircon) from cagayan – kidapawan City (if you allow), coz i know that regular route of rural transit is only kabacan – tacurong.. please i need information about this ASAP…thank you and God bless..


  77. how many hours will it take to travel from cdo to dipolog..please also give cell number.thanks

  78. hi ask ko lang po kung may night trip po ang mga bus galing ng zamboanga city to dipolog ganun din from dipolog to zamboanga city?

  79. I’am Jhning from iloilo City. i would like to ask about the fare from DAVAO CITY to MARAMAG BUKIDNON?
    Thank you so much for your kind.

  80. Magkano po bayad davao to cagayan kahit d po aircon???..tnx

  81. hello po,

    i just want to know if how much is the fare from davao to cagayan (aircon po)…and cagayan to pagadian city…

    salamat po…ill go kasi tomorrow for a ride…

  82. Hi guyz..

    im from cebu and i love doing land trips,. im planning go to Zamboanga city but ill be docking in dapitan before going to zamboanga. do you have any updates for the schedule and how much the fare cost for a trip from Dapitan to Zamboanga city??

    ill be looking forward to your replies.. thanks

  83. GOOD DAY!
    ask ko lang po kung magkano pamasahe ng rural transit from cagayan de oro to dipolog city. sa deluxe at sa aircon po na fare fees..

    thank you po..!

  84. I would like to ask how much is the fare in aircon from Zamboanga to Cagayan de oro City.

  85. hi po..

    just like to ask the travel time from dipolog to molave.


  86. DEAR SIR,

  87. Hi,

    I just want to know the fare going to Pagadian from Cagayan de Oro. Also, just want to know if is it by Land?


  88. Hi

    I have a terrible experience riding this bus
    I have this ticket number 253577 , i dont have the bus number for the reason of they didnt punch it sa ticket ko. before i get onboard to the bus i ask the dispatcher how many hours ang travel to CDO … by the way its DAVAO-CAGAYAN DE ORO trip.
    the dispatcher asnwered 8 hours travel……. it was past 4 in the morning , the bus leaves davao terminal at 5:07 am dated nov 23, 2011
    i have my flight to iloilo at 2:20 in the afternoon. since i was informed it was 8 hours travel i expected that i’ll arrive at cdo by 1pm or 1:30 pm… I was, very confident that i could still catch my flight by 2 pm.
    while were on our way , i kept asking the conductor this time what time we will be arriving cagayan de oro , he answered 8 hours travel “again”
    when we stop over for breakfast I ask again what time we will arrive at cdo , the conductor says 8 hours travel “again” , so i simply says by 1 pm ? he said yes.
    i informed the conductor that i have my flight by 2:20 in the afternoon.
    around 12 we stopped over for lunch i notice that the stop over took us almost 30 mins and the bus runs so slow.
    unfortunately i arrived cdo past 2 in the afternoon … and I reached the airport of cdo at 2:35 pm of that same day :’(

    I MISSED MY FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I want to know if the bus company can answer this “?”

    Since i missed my flight due to the delay……….. can I charge them “the bus company” for the money cost me for my flight fare?

    * before i get on bored to your bus, I asked ur personnel how many hours travel is dvo-cdo he answered 8 hours travel …

    if my calculation was right i should have arrived cdo at 1pm or 1:30 mins in the afternoon. remember the bus leaves @ 5:07 in the morning.

    if i was completely aware if im goin to miss my flight, then i shouldnt take the risk riding at ur bus.

  89. hi….magkano po ba ang pamasahe dipolog to manila??? pls…

  90. Will Rural Transit have scheduled trips on January 1, 2012 from Ipil to Zamboanga? I am from Ipil and will be catching a flight to Manila at around 1PM.

  91. Sana magkaroon na ng ruta mula CAGAYAN-GENSAN via ARAKAN VALLEY(Digos, Kiadapawan, Antipas, Arakan, Buda),CAGAYAN-COTABATO,CAGAYAN-PAGADIAN
    Marami ang commuters o traveller sa Cotabato Empire subalit transportation, ang mga terminal dito parang airport pero walang bus…
    I’m very hoping will you grant my request.

  92. Hi Dutch – we were going to climb mt,apo in macrh and after wards we will go to CDO, where can we ride a bus from kidaoawan to cdo and how long will the travel period be? so we can adjust accordingly ;)

  93. hi,

    ask ko lng ang daily sked ng rural from zamboanga to CDO?


  94. hi dutchpickle,

    ask ko lang po kung one way ride lang po ba from CDO to zamboanga ?…
    maraming slmat po….

  95. hello,
    what bus in pagadian going to zamboanga. im from cotabato wanted to go to zamboanga city this summer for schooling at WMSU.
    to those who reply me

  96. hello po pwede makahingi ng celphone number ng rural transit pra makatawag po ako or maka text po…kc punta kami ds may s cagayan po…
    tnx po….

  97. Hi.

    Is there a bus that caters directly from Davao City to Zamboanga City, and if there is how much does it cost one-way?

    Any input is well appreciated. Thanks lot.

  98. hi dutchpickle! i’ll be arriving in zamboanga on april 4 . i’ll spend 8days in mindanao and i will visit all the nearby provinces= last stop would be in davao before i get back to manila.
    are there available land transpo there? my route would be zamboanga- dipolog- dakak- dapitan-pagadian-ozamis then davao. is it possible?
    can you help me please.. can you share some tips, bus schedules and the accomodations on those places. i badly need it. thanks a lot

    please email me :

  99. thanks a lot dutchpickle.

    ok i’ll not include pagadian in my tour. can you please help me with an 8-day itinerary? what if i’ll go the other way around? gen santos, southern mindanao til i get to davao?

    what places can you suggest for me to visit so i can maximize my trip?

    i will be travelling solo and this would be my first time to do this thing. i was suppose to be with a friend but due to unavoidable circumstance, she cant make it.
    is it safe to travel at night? can you suggest clean, safe and cheap accomodations where i can stay?

    thanks a lot.

  100. thanks a lot dutchpickle.
    i’ve got tickets already, april 4 i’ll be arriving in zamboanga then on april 11 i’ll be departing from davao going back to manila.

    what i will do is travel to dipolog-dapitan-dakak- ozamis-
    i’ll just take a bus ride going to cagayan de oro then to davao

    april 4-6 – zamboanga
    april 7- early travel to dipolog (you think rural transit has nighttrips to dipolog? i might as well travel at night)

    april 7-9 – dipolog, dakak, dapitan
    april 9- first trip to cdo (or night trip on april 8)
    ** what province should i come from if im headed to cagayan de oro? would it be in dipolog or ozamis?? please help **

    april10-11 – explore davao ( my flight to manila is at 9pm)

    ** is my itinerary okay and doable?? can you please make some suggestions on how i can maximize my trip. including the accomodations

    thank you so much dutchpickle– you’re really a great help.

  101. i prefer to travel at nightso i can arrive at my destination early in the morning =)
    you think its fine??

  102. thank you so much for answering my queries dutchpickle.
    you’re a big help =)

    one more thing though- is it easy to find nice accomodations in dipolog, pagadian ozamis?? i cant find info on the internet- can you suggest where can i stay and the street where is it located please..

    thanks a lot–

  103. and when i get to davao- i just want to go to samal island then city tour nearby. i dont intend to roam around davao =)

  104. thank you so much dp =)

  105. i’ll just ask the locals on those places to recommend the best accomodation that i can have. thanks a lot =)

  106. magkano po fare kabacan to cdo? kapag may SP po magkano din?

  107. hello! what is the fastest route going to zamboanga city? ;) and, how will i be able to reach barangay TUGBUNGAN? ;) thank you!

  108. I am from Davao City and would like to take your aircon bus to Dipolog City, next week. There will be 2 of us traveling. May I ask about schedules, fares, number of hours travel, bus transfers if any, senior citizen discounts and reservation if this is required. Please give some travel advise also. Thanks a lot.

  109. Hi,

    What’s the easiest and fastest mode of transportation from Zamboanga airport to Dipolog? I really need your help. Can someone tell me how to get there? Please…. Thanks :)

  110. Maayung Iligan!

    Hello, how can we avail the reservation for rural transit iligan-davao? sep. 7,70 pax..
    Thank you?

  111. Good Morning,

    Sir,can I have the email add of the main office of Rural Transit Bulua?

  112. Good PM,

    Magkanu pamasahi from Kabacan to CDO and CDO to Pagadian



  113. To whom it may concern:

    During my trip from Mukas Lanao del Norte to Cagayan de Oro City bus #1036 from Pagadian City may bag was mistakenly given to another passenger by the conductor name Jay A.. Lam…… in error. this bag contains all my belonging including digital camera I to was given the wrong bag which i return immediately to the bus station in CDO. I will allow 5 days for return of my property if the end of the 5 days i do not received my property i will expect payment for my lost which was your responsibility.please contact me in regards to this matter.

  114. hi, just wanna ask from you guys what time the rural transit “”airconditioned” probably leaving Ecoland Terminal (Davao) to MAramag Bukidnon? this is my first time go this way….and do you have idea how much it cost? your reply to my query will be more appreciated…God bless us…

  115. Hi! tanung ko po sna kng may byahe ang rural transit mula zamboanga to pagadian @7:00PM to 8:00PM?

    Thank you

  116. helo po, i’m from tacurong city. just wanna ask if my route po ba from tacurong city to butuan city? if wala po any alternative route po? ung tacurong-cagayan po ba dumadaan sa butuan? thanks po. Godspeed.

  117. please post your schedule via gensan to cagayan or vice versa

  118. ..helo po..pwd po mg tanong kung magkano ang fare from dipolog city terminal to zamboanga??? im planning to get a passport po kasi..

  119. gud pm po… sumakay po ako na rural kninang 4am… byahe galing gensan po to cagayan… bumaba ako sa matalam po..
    260 ang pamasahe ko po at 500 peso bill po ang binigay kong pambayad
    sinulatan ng kundoktor ang likod ng tikit ko po ng 500…
    sa totoo lang po.. hingi ana ako help sa inyo sir kung pano ko mkukuha ung sukli ko..kasi po.. pagbaba ko ng bus.. nabusy na po ako arrange sa mga gamit ko.. ang mi ko kasing bit bit.. at narealize ko na lang umalis na ung bus.. di po binigay ung sukli ko sir… please help me.. salamat po…..

  120. im glad po na mabilis po akong nakarating sa matalam po… pero sobra sobra naman po ata ung binayad ko sir… before that 500 peso bill for my fare sir ngbayad na ako ng 100 for my bagage… at pagbaba ko sa bus dun sa matalam terminal nabusy na po ako sa pag account ng mga bitbit kong bagahe.. kung kaya nawala sa isip ko n kunin ang aking sukli sa kundoktor sir… sana po be responsible po ang mga kundoktor nu sir… wag po sana silang magtake advantage sa mga ganung sitwasyon sir. kasi po nagbabayad po ang mga pasahero ng sakto at sana po suklian naman din po nila tayo ng sakto.. tanong ko po sir if paano ko po makukuha ung sukli ko po sa kundoktor… salamat po. sana matulungan nyo po ako na mabalik po ang sukli ko sir.

  121. HI,ask ko lang po kung meron po bang byahe ng bus from Dapitan to Butuan?Thanks po!

  122. …gud am…what time poh resume ang byahe today jan 1,2013?
    happy new year…bus pa valencia aircon

  123. hello’ po im azon ng marbel ask ko lang po kung me biyahe kayo from tacurong to butuan city kasi po bababa po ako ng nasipit agusan del norte.
    sana po malaman ko agad ang sagot ng mas maaga plano ko kasi pupunta ako this coming february..
    salamat po

  124. at magkano po ang pamasahe …salamat po

  125. hello!!!!!
    i am planning to go in zamboanga,magkano po ba ang pamasahe from iligan-zamboanga? ilang oras po ba ang biyahe to get there ? i am leizl fro iligan city

  126. gudafternun.. i just want to ask what is your contact no. ?

  127. how can I get to Ozamis from Cagayan De Oro?

  128. If by bus, how long? how much and where?. Thank you

  129. tanong ko lang po kung mag kano ang fare papunta sa dipolog?> pupunta kz kami sa dakak mag kano ang fare bawat tao?may bus po ba direct dapitan? tnx po more power.

  130. at anong oras ang alis ?at ilan oras ang biyahe?

  131. Hi,

    Kindly help me to find route from pagadian going to ozamis ? How much is the fare.
    Is there any direct route from davao to ozamis??

    Thank You

  132. Hey my friend I am needing so direction here on a trip and room sites that WORK !
    Today is May 25,2013 and 2:45pm Philippines time…
    I want to make a bus trip from Cagayan de Oro City going to Midsayap, North Cotobato for a weekend…
    This trip will be on JUNE 6th,2013…..
    Can you tell me the ..
    and a HOTEL SITE THAT REALLY OPENS in that City ????
    I am American and just arrived to the Philippines….
    Thank You ….Waiting your reply to my email in my yahoo mail box…

  133. just wanted to ask if how much is the fare from Dipolog to Cagayan de Oro if there is a bus for Butuan City, please tell me too. I am traveling from Dumaguete to Dapitan this week and I need some info for this matter.

    thank you

    robert trio

  134. Hi, i’m planning to have my own little adventure and road trip.. i believe you had already gone on a long road trip from zamboanga to dapitan or vice versa via motorcycle. I’m curious on how you go on riding a motorcycle on this said trips. how fast do you go? and how many hours does it take you before you arrived to your destination from zamboanga to dapitan?? do you make stops??

  135. How much fare if you travel from Dipolog City to Davao City

  136. helo..urgent.! How much po bus rental GENSAN to DAHILAYAN Bukidnon

  137. and back to GENSAN on the next following day

  138. hi,

    how much po ang bus fare (ac and

    davao to cdo via buda?

    cdo to iligan?


  139. its very hassle for us to transfer bus pa.. we are about 50 during this field trip.. may rural transit naman dito sa gensan na, but i cannot contact any of your Tel. # given para makapareserve sana kami… can you help me find other ways?

  140. Hey
    Can i Ask?
    Can i travel with my dog in rural transit? Ok lang po ba?Thanks

  141. Hello Dutchpickle,

    I haven’t read all the posts/comments on this page yet so i don’t know if my question is redundant. So here is my situation, I wanna get to dapitan. I just want to ask if is it better to ride a Rural Tours bus direct trip CDO – Dipolog City then take a bus to dapitan.. or… take a bus CDO – Ozamiz City, then Ozamiz to Dapitan? .. I wanna know which trip takes longer. Thanks :D

  142. hi po,
    may byahe po ba ang rural from manila to zamboanga? saan po ang ticketing office ng rural sa manila..thanks po..

  143. Magkano po pamasahe davao to zamboanga?

  144. Sir/Ma’am,

    What time po ang first trip from dipolog to zamboanga city and how much is the fare?


  145. anyone here na makaka tulong kung sino may alam kung magkano bus fare at anong oras ang 1st trip ng bus from dipolog city to zamboanga city?

    maraming salamat po!

  146. Hello Good day ask ko lang po kung may hiring po kau na driver?

  147. Hi,

    1. Kindly assist me which bus route to take the fastest from Dapitan going to Cagayan? How much is the fare? Adult, senior citizen or student.
    2. Is their a route straight to Tacurong or Isulan Sultan Kudarat from Dapitan? How much is the fare?
    3. We will be traveling on the 21st of Dec 2015, please do include what are the schedule for that day.

    Thank you.

  148. hi, ano pong scheduled trips from zamboanga to Cagayan de oro for tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

  149. Hi To All,

    for your reference…

    Zamboanga City-Cagayan
    From To
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Cagayan Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 860.00
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Terminal Fee 15.00 Total 875.00

    Zamboanga City-Cagayan
    From To
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Pagadian Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 450.00
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Terminal Fee 15.00
    Pagadian Bus Terminal Cagayan Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 395.00 Total 860.00

    Zamboanga-Cagayan via Pagadian
    From To
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Pagadian Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 450.00
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Terminal Fee 15.00
    Pagadian Bus Terminal Iligan Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 250.00
    Iligan Bus Terminal Cagayan Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 115.00 Total 830.00

    Zamboanga-Cagayan via Ipil
    From To
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Ipil Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 245.00
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Terminal Fee 15.00
    Ipil Bus Terminal Pagadian Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 225.00
    Pagadian Bus Terminal Iligan Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 250.00
    Iligan Bus Terminal Cagayan Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 115.00 Total 850.00

    From To
    Zamboanga Ipil Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 245.00
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Terminal Fee 15.00
    Ipil Bus Terminal Pagadian Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 225.00
    Pagadian Bus Terminal Ozamis Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 60.00 Total 545.00

    From To
    Ozamis Port Mukas Port Ferry 25.00
    Ozamis Port Terminal fee ?
    Mukas Bus Terminal Iligan Bus Terminal Bus ?
    Iligan Bus Terminal Cagayn Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 115.00 Total 140.00

    From To
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Ipil Bus Terminal Aircon Bus 245.00
    Zamboanga City Bus Terminal Terminal Fee 15.00
    Ipil Bus Terminal Dipolog City Bus Terminal 245.00 Total 505.00

  150. good morning.
    i just want to know the airconditioned bus fare from cdo to dapitan city


  151. good afternoon poh.. ask ko lng poh sana kung till what time poh ung biyahe galing labason papuntang zamboanga?

  152. hello, any one of you who has a contact number of EcoLand Bus Terminal – RTMI?
    badly needed to redeem the luggage.. RTMI Bus #2849

  153. Hello po parati po ako nagbabyahe zambo to pagadian tanong ko lang po dapat po ba talaga magsingil ang mga kondoktor sa mga baggage like maleta, karton may laman na mga noodles may naencounter kasi siningil ng kondoktor yong kasama kong pasahero? Kasi may plano po akong magbyahe this month to pagadian may dala akong bisikletla na pang toddler. Thank you

  154. Hi!!

    Can i ask how much is the fare from CAGAYAN to KIDAPAWAN?

    Thank you.

  155. hello

    I would like to ask what are the schedules of the Rural Transit
    from Dipolog to Zamboanga.

    Please reply ASAP.


  156. Hi,

    I want to ask if you have route from Cebu to any Mindanao Rural transit bus station, like Ipil, Pagadian , Zamboanga and dipolog. Im planning to go this dec.26 or 27 but sad to say air and sea travel is fully booked. Any suggestions? your reply is much appreciated.


  157. Gud evening please check po sa bus 1368 merong bag may naiwan po na traveling bag blue kaninang hapon if anjan lang po ba San po pwd maclaim

  158. can I travel with my dog (almost 4 months old) she is small. Will she be allowed to stay near me the entire trip? from Cagayan de Oro to Bukidnon.

  159. Hi is it safe to do the bus travel from Dipolog to Zamboanga City? I’ve heard some people say that all areas within Zamboanga Peninsula outside of Zamboanga City and south of Dipolog are dangerous areas. Is there a fact to that? I’m a Filipino and is planning to go to Zamboanga via Dipolog but I look more foreign due to my caucasian features. Your reply would be much appreciated.

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